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Sunday Feast Program

You are invited every week!

Buddhist Cymbals

Every Sunday

The free Sunday festival and feast program begins at 5p.m. and is open to the public. Experience "bhakti yoga" as it has been practiced for thousands of years with traditional chanting of mantras accompanied by music (kirtan), an opulent arati ceremony, readings from the Bhagavad Gita (bilingual) and a sumptuous sanctified vegetarian feast specially prepared.


The Aarti Ceremony

The Aarti ceremony welcomes and honors the ultimate universal personality in various forms and the guests have the opportunity to view the sacred ceremony and  to obtain blessings through attendance.

Indian Thali


Prasadam is the original Sanskrit word meaning sanctified sacred food. "Honouring Prasadam"  (eating) in the mood of humility is part of the process of bhakti (devotional) yoga after Prasadam has been offered. It is a vegetarian meal which contains pure sattvic ingredients (all purely from qualifying fresh produce, spices and grains) according to Vedic standards for good energy (prana). The feast is specially prepared and offered by our skilled pujari/clergy chefs in a state of humility, love and reverence. Prasadam is then honored by all guests at our beautiful Prasadam Hall.

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