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Our history


Originally founded in New York in July 1966, the Hare Krishna movement (or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness) found its second niche on the west coast of the United States, in San Francisco, in the summer of 1967. In late 1967, devotees found a place to establish a center in Montreal, which thus became the 3rd city (worldwide!) to house a Krishna temple outside of India.

On two occasions, the founder, Srila Prabhupada, honored the Quebec metropolis with his presence. Once in 1968, for an extended stay of 3 months, from August to October; and then for a one-day visit in the summer of 1975.

Below are the photos of those historic moments spent in the presence of one of the most important spiritual figures of our modern era.

(The black and white photos are from 1968; the colour photos from 1975. Perhaps you will recognize some of our current members? ...)

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