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Nandagram Ecovillage

"Simple Living, High Thinking"

Nandagram is an ecovillage in Mascouche, Quebec, located just half an hour north of Montreal. Comprising 80 acres of land, Nandagram was founded in 2017 by a group of a few members of ISKCON Montreal. At present, the farm includes a stable, six apartments and an organic farming initiative.


Under the leadership of Anubhava Prabhu, the cooperative comprising about ten members is now in its third year of operation. Most of the apartments are rented to followers of bhakti-yoga, and the stable is used by a charitable organization.

This past year (2020), attention has shifted to growing organic vegetables, sold in various markets in Montreal.


Nandagram is intended not only for agriculture but also eventually for the protection of cows. The model we would want to offer is one where the cows are protected from birth and the milk they give is of high quality.

As Nandagram grows over the years, the goal is also to educate children in Krishna Consciousness in a Vedic style school, as Srila Prabhupada would have liked. (the founder).

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