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ISKCON Montreal  
Your Hare Krishna center

Welcome! We are happy to have you!  
You are currently on the official website of the Montreal Krishna Temple.
The temple is intended to be a place of peace, education, and a true spiritual oasis in our urban atmosphere. It is the place to meet many people who practice spirituality, and discover everything you would like to know about the wisdom and the timeless practices of Bhakti-Yoga: the yoga of love and gratitude ...

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We are honored to introduce you to the oldest tradition in the world. Anyone, from any place in the world, can practice the very simple path of Bhakti, and see the results for themselves.

Learn more about...


The temple
Our temple is open to the public, and we are following the Province's health safety requirements.

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Spiritual music for the soul. Join us for wonderful devotional music melodies

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We have a wonderful selection of transcendental literature intended to awaken divine love in your heart and to educate you on spiritual knowledge.


The munificient manifestations of the Divine, attended daily through the practices of Bhakti-Yoga.


His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, heir to an ageless spiritual lineage.



Perhaps you have encountered us lately in the streets of Montreal?

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Ancient culture and traditions brought to Montreal and the world.






Vegetarian food as you would have never imagined it...

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ISKCON Montreal's ecological

farm project.

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